Multiplier Event in Dresden, Germany – organized by JKPeV

On the 5th of May at 20:00 JKPeV implemented the multiplier event of the Building Better project at KulturCentrale in Dresden, Germany. JKPeV staff member, Doreen Siegmund, presented the Building Better project, its main objectives, outputs and activities. The presentation focused on the introduction of the Building Better Webinar and the recently launched Portal of Cooperation. The Online Portal of Cooperation is an online participatory space that local policymakers, youth workers, art educators, cultural managers and NGO practitioners working for youth, and providing them advice, and counselling services can join and acquire information on how they can reach out to and support young people in becoming active and participating in cultural, art and creative activities.

During the event the attendants were encouraged to register for the Building Better Webinar and to join online the Portal of Cooperation. 54 participants who are representatives from the Cultural Creative Sectors, the Arts and the Youth field had the opportunity to learn about the Building Better project and its outputs, ask questions and discuss how they can benefit and get involved in the project as well as the role of art in the well-being and the active involvement of young people in the society.

Later on, the extraordinary art exhibition “die Oktopusgeschichte“ by Alabaster Becher followed attended by many of the multiplier event’s participants including young people and young artists.


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