Multiplier Event in Thessaloniki, Greece – organized by I-participate

On April 28, I – PARTICIPATE, successfully implemented in Thessaloniki, Greece the Multiplier Event of the “Building Better” project financed by the ERASMUS+ programme.

The “Building Better” project’s main purpose is to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation with a focus on creativity, cultural awareness, the active participation of young people in cultural and creative activities and to support youth workers, artists and policy makers to find creative and innovative solutions to new challenges.The “Building Better” project targets youth organisations, arts and culture organisations, educational institutions and local authorities in Germany, Cyprus, Italy and Greece.

Within the framework of Building Better, a Multiplier Event was carried out with the aim of informing youth workers, representatives of the CCSs, policy makers, art educators and cultural educators and managers that work with young people and face the challenges of youth participation in the post-COVID era about the project and how they can benefit from the produced outputs: the Building Better Webinar and the Portal of Cooperation. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ programme was presented as a funding tool for training and education purposes in the youth sector.

The participants through participative & exploratory activities visited the Building Better website, and the online learning platform which includes the asynchronous webinar, checked the four modules and through working groups they presented to each other briefly what they learned.

The participants were also “guided” to the Portal of Cooperation where they had the opportunity to check the learning resources, tools and methods, cultural information that is available in the various categories with regard to the active involvement of young people in culture, and the arts and learned how to upload their own learning resources, cultural information and tools and resources in the future. The majority of participants said they would share these results with interested parties and make use of the webinar and the portal of cooperation in their own projects.


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