May I have your attention please? Your flight to Larnaca is now boarding…

On the 19th and 20th off May 2022, the second transnational partner meeting of Building Better took place in Cyprus.

How much we missed travelling around Europe and how much we were excited to come back to flight.

You are here at last! Welcome to Nicosia!” says Vasilis.
How tall are you!” was the first exclamation when Serena met him.

From the screen we looked different. Indeed, it was the first-time partners could meet face to face.

The meeting was attended by:

  • Myrto and Stefan, JKPeV (Germany)
  • Maria G., I-PARTICIPATE (Greece)
  • Serena & Giulia, Sharing Europe (Italy)
  • Diamanto, Academy of Local Government of Cyprus
  • Vasilis, EUROSC (Cyprus)
  • Maria S, Anelixis (Greece)

These two days have been intensive, but at the same time it was really easy to discuss together about the relevant activities to carry out. When there were two different points of view regarding a procedure to follow, someone suggested taking a break. After a cold espresso to drink together, it was much easier to find an agreement!

During the breakfast in the hotel some of us could plan creative ways to disseminate the project’s products and immediately at the meeting they were able to show and explain them to the other partners, hear their opinion and adjust fastly according to each idea and knowledge.

This partner meeting has been very fruitful: after the evaluation by beta testers, the first product – a webinar made up of 4 different modules – is going to be launched and will be free for all users interested in enhancing the commitment of youngsters through creativity and art.

At the same time, partners are going on with the development of the learning platform to be more useful and functional.

So in case you missed it, have a look at the second newsletter and follow the project’s updates on facebook and instagram!


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