Multiplier Event of Building Better in Heraklion Crete by Anelixis

On May 12th, 2023, the Multiplier Event of the Building Better project took place in Heraklion, Crete funded by the ERASMUS+ KA2 Youth program, at the premises of KEK Anelixis. Anelixis participates in the implementation of the Building Better program that aims to:
  • The creation of networks and new models of cooperation between Young People, Policy Makers at local level and actors of the Creative and Cultural Sector, stimulating the participation of young people and the development of their creativity.
  • Enhance creativity, culture and multiculturalism through learning tools, resources and materials developed through the Building Better programme.
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of youth and local government work and increasing digital media used to adapt to the way creative products, cultural goods and events are created, managed and promoted.
The Building Better project has as target groups: Youth aged 18-30, Youth workers, Youth Policy Makers, Cultural and Creative Sector Actors, Local Artists etc. The Multiplier Event  in the framework of the Building Better project aimed to inform about the participation of young people in the post-covid era in the fields of Creation and Culture as well as to inform about the results of the project such as Building Better Webinars & Portal of Cooperation. The participants were presented with the BB platform and the training material and the exercises it contains.  Later they were presented with the stakeholder selection methodology and were divided into 2 groups and asked to map the stakeholders in a potential project.  The Portal of Cooperation of the project was then presented and participants were asked to register on the Building Better platform. You can browse the Building Better project platform


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