Propagate This! Activity Guide

Resource Name: Propagate This! Activity Guide

Type of resource: e-book

Organisation/Authors: Turf projects

Category: Youth and Culture, Arts

Language: English

Brief description: This is an activity guide exploring the project called Propagate This!
Propagation is when a plant (a mother plant) is shared to make another plant (a baby plant) through making its own seeds or someone taking a leaf or cutting a piece of a plant that they then put in soil. This then grows into a new plant.

Freedom & Balance is the ‘mother plant’ artist sharing ideas and thoughts with ‘baby plant’ artists who are named Joseph Brown, Helen Butlin, Bea & Jill Finch, Orna Kazimi, Pear Nuallak and Kashif Sharma-Patel. These ideas are things that will be shared with passers-by and people who come into use Turf!

Instead of making art, this team asked the artists to think about how they would solve problems in Croydon and how everyone could work together in different ways.

Would you like to help them answer some of their questions?

Have a go at with our free activity guide to download.

Once you’ve had a go, please send your creations to or tag #PropagateThis!

Keywords: Youth Leaders, Youthworkers, Young people, CCSs actors, Local artists