“Cultural Life in Thessaly”

Resource Name: “Cultural Life in Thessaly”

Type of resource: Journal

Organisation/Authors: Britannica

Category: Cultural Sector in Thessaly

Language: English, Greek

Brief description: Thessalía, a region of northern Greece south of Macedonia (Modern Greek: Makedonía), lying between upland Epirus (Ípeiros) and the Aegean Sea and comprising chiefly the fertile Tríkala and Lárissa lowlands. Thessaly is drained by several tributaries of the Pineiós (also called Peneus) River, which empties into the Aegean Sea after passing through the Vale of Tempe. In this particular article, the region of Thessaly is described geographically, while emphasis is placed on the history of the place from 2500 BC until today.

Target Groups: Youth Leaders, Policymakers, Youthworkers, Young people, Municipalities, CCSs actors, Local artists

Link: https://www.britannica.com/place/Thessaly